Untitled.001The focus of this blog is improving the quality of teaching and learning of all students and teachers. Toward that end, here I address the inability of the current educational paradigm to improve itself, resolve persistent challenges, and adequately support its stakeholders.

I will post at least four pieces monthly. Posts will appear in one of four formats. Access them via Recent Posts on the home page.

  • Musings – my take on a timely education issue.
  • Learning Lessons – a series recounting of a powerful lesson I learned (or am learning).
  • Interviews – brief interrogations of a key educational stakeholder or leader. 
  • Heartland – a series about my personal growth and development.
  • Sacred Places – inspirational naturally occurring and human made structures.

The Inspirational Quote section is a collection of pictures from my travels. Each is matched with an appropriate quote. Most have previously been posted on Twitter.

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