Gold Stars

star.001FIND THE GOOD AND PRAISE IT was Alex Haley’s personal motto. For Haley, the son of slaves and a Pulitzer prize-winning author for Roots, recognizing the good that people do was more than a mere pleasantry. It was his way encouraging people to keep doing good and inviting others to join them as they did. This page honors Haley’s positive spirit by honoring people for their good works with symbolic gold star recognition. Check here regularly to join me as I find and praise the good.

November 2015: Gold Star recognition to the following people for helping me design and launch this blog:

  • Rusul Alrubail [@RusulAlrubail]
  • Laurie Azzi [@laurie_azzi]
  • Vicki Davis [@coolcatteacher]
  • Craig Kemp [@mrkempnz]
  • Magdalene Mattson [@madgiemgEDU]
  • Starr Sackstein [@mssackstein]
  • Brett Salakas [@MRsalakas]
  • Erica Warren [@learningtolearn]