About Me

0,,50666471,00Mark E. Weston has spent the past 40 years working to enhance education for all students. During that time, he served in key positions at Georgia Institute of Technology, Dell Inc., Apple Computer, Education Commission of the States, United States Department of Education, United States House of Representatives, National Conference of State Legislatures; and several school districts in Iowa. Mark advises leaders about education, ICT, and public policy strategies. He has consulted with 7 countries, 42 state legislatures, the United States Congress, dozens of companies, and hundreds of school districts.

Recently Mark contributed to policy-driven groundbreaking education technology initiatives in Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York City, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Of special note is Mark’s leadership in the partnership between Governor Angus King, the State of Maine, and Apple through which every seventh and eighth-grade student in Maine is receiving a laptop computer, an initiative subsequently replicated by jurisdictions throughout.

Mark earned a B.S.S. from Cornell College, M.S. Drake University, and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Denver. At UCD he held an appointment as adjoint assistant professor in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development. He previously served as an adjunct professor at Long Island University. His research focuses on the impact of technology on student, teacher, and organizational performance.

Many groups and organizations have invited Mark to address their members. His work has been published in a wide range of outlets including Converge, EdTech Digest, Education Week, Journal of Educational Administration, Independent School, Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research in Education, Journal of Technology Learning and Assessment, Los Angeles Times, SecEd, State Legislature, and Washington Times. He is co- author of The Learning Edge: What Technology Can Do to Educate All Children (2011 – Teachers College Press).