Attention World! @SHIFTPARADIGM is now blogging…


WELCOME TO MY BLOG is a phrase that I never dreamt would ever grace my lips. Sure I have an active mind. Yes ideas come easy to me. However translating my many ideas to words that people might actually want to read, well, that is has been a big challenge for me. The thought of writing, and doing so with regularity, makes my heart palpitate and head ache. That is why blogging is a challenge I long left unmet.

Until now. What changed?

Improving the quality of education, teaching, and learning for all students and teachers is the focus of my life’s work. I take that work seriously, think deeply about it, and strive to produce measurable  benefits for as many people as possible. As I age, and my work evolves, I have come to appreciate how the act of writing—in any form—disciplines my mind, brings sharper focus to ideas, deepens my understanding, and makes pathways and patterns visible. In short, the challenge of writing, in this case a blog, drives my work and makes me better. It is a crucible in which my ideas are refined, enhanced and presented.

I am becoming increasingly sensitive to concerns educational stakeholders are raising—in myriad ways and shapes—about the inability of our current educational paradigm is to improve itself and resolve persistent issues (e.g. high drop out rates). We see the human toll that the current paradigm’s failure is taking reflected in the faces, blogs, tweets, and posts of countless educational stakeholders. I want to support the stakeholders and contribute to their exchange. Writing this blog is one means for me to do that.

What you can expect from my blog and me?

Expect the site to be easy to navigate. There four tabs in the header bar, two on the side bar, one button at the bottom of the page. Each tab or button is self-explanatory (e.g. Quotes). Use the Recent Post button on the left side to access previous posts.

From me you should expect concise and readable posts at least four times per month. They will be in variety of formats and address diverse topics. Some posts will recount a powerful lesson I learned (or am learning). Other posts will take up a timely education issue from a fresh perspective.  A few post will be an interview of an educational stakeholder. Many will concern personal change and growth, from my heart.

Time will tell how well all this works. Enough for now, I have posts to write and a challenge to meet.